Are African American being Stereotyped on their Intellectual Ability Today?

Racism Throughout History

Throughout history there is factual evidence that shows how social prejudice of white people influenced scientist to create false theories about African Americans. During the reconstruction period there was “scientific theories” about African Americans cranial structure stating that it was similar to an apes. They also stated that there is conflict for existence between their brain growth and reproductive organ growth at puberty. Throughout history there is a theme of African Americans being see as intellectually inferior. I want to make a blog to express the awareness that this stereotype is still present in our culture today and its being impacted by certain sources of power in the government. African Americans in the states who are from low-income residential areas are suffering from having an unfair education system in their school board. Also, throughout history there has been a stigma towards their intellectual ability and President Donald Trump has made countless negative intellectual statements about African Americans, which impacts this stereotype on them to continue.

 Low economic residential areas in the States receive  poor education

I found data for African American students in 97 large cities. In 83 of those large cities the majority of students African Americans  attended schools where most of the students they went to school with were from low- income households. Research shows that the location of the school  determines the quality of education the students receive. You can check out links here that further explain what I am about to discuss.

A huge reason why many low-income neighbour hoods are mostly African Americans is because households are not just based on income. A person`s race and ethnicity comes into play, which is why there is segregation in many communities. A survey shows that white people do not desire to live in a neighbour hood where there is a large African American population. To see further research on segregation in neighbour hoods you can see this link

The quality of education a student receives is a huge factor of how they will succeed in school. The schools that are located in these low income areas in the states are hiring teachers that are less qualified and are also paying them less than a teacher located at a high/ middle income area would receive. Studies prove that under paid teachers are less effective in the way they teach. Not only that but, these schools are not being funded with good educational resources, physical maintenance and technology. This puts children and youth at an unfair advantage at succeeding in their academics. I strongly believe change needs to be made, and it starts in how the government and school boards distribute money for schools.

Donald Trumps Racist Comments Towards African Americans Intellectual ability

On twitter Donald Trump tweeted, “Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an extraordinarily low IQ person, has become, together with Nancy Pelosi, the Face of the Democrat Party”. He also said in an interview, “ I heard he was a terrible student, terrible. How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard?” Trump said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I’m thinking about it, I’m certainly looking into it. Let him show his records.” I have showed only two accounts of evidence, compared to numerous other occasions he directly attacked African Americans intellectual ability. Donald Trump has a very large platform and also is seen as someone who is very intellectual since he is the president of the United States. Therefore, he is allowing this stereotype of African Americans intellectual ability to continue and is embodying a stigma towards them. Race does not exist, it is created by people. Peoples assumptions and perceptions of other cultures is what divides us.

I strongly believe there needs to be more awareness of how African Americans are being labeled and stereotyped. There also needs to be change in how money is being distributed towards school boards in the states. Every child should have the right to good quality education in the states and there needs to be discussion on why these schools are not being funded and why so a large quantity of African Americans are living in these poor areas. I believe the first way to create change is to acknowledge that when African Americans are stereotyped for the intellectual ability it is a form of inequality and it places a label on them. The purpose of this blog was to create awareness to this topic so we can start to create change.



Where Can I find Real Love?


Where do you guys place your identity in?

Do you guys ever feel like you are constantly living for the next season of happiness? Do You ask yourself questions like when is my life going to get better and when will i be a better version of myself? Well my hands are in the air because that is something every single one of us struggle with. I use to struggle so much with just feeling so unsatisfied and that lead me constantly searching for something that could fulfill that void. I think its so easy to be like i would be so much happier if i had this and we are constantly seeing ourselves as not ” enough”. Do you guys find it challenging putting your trust in people and the world that constantly changes and fails? I use to struggle with that constantly like it was chained to me and i still do. The Difference is i find my identity in Jesus. I find my worth in Jesus. I find my joy in Jesus. I use to place my identity in how others treated me, loved me and saw me but i now know that Gods love for me is all that matters and is it is enough. When you see yourself the way God sees you its the most beautiful and overwhelming feeling. God knows us completely and also loves us completely just because we are children of his.




Why i chose to become a christian

I didn’t accept Jesus into my life until i was in grade 11. Through the time period of grade 11 till now ( first year in university) i have been just constantly learning of what it means to have a relationship with God. I didn’t have this big moment of light flashing at me, as time goes on i have just been loving God more and more and realizing how much i want to pursue him over every desire this world offers me. Some of you might be like why on earth would you choose giving up things of this world for God. Why would u want to follow a bunch of commands? When i first came into university i think i was challenged the most because i had so much freedom and everything was new and exciting but i can tell you guys with a honest heart that everything i was pursuing always left me empty. Guys, parties and even just living for yourself can only satisfy for so long. I am a christian because i want to serve God over everything because of how much he loves me and every single person on this earth. When Jesus rose again God sent the holy spirit down for us so we can have an intimate relationship with him. After continuously making mistakes and learning i have came to the conclusion that nothing else in this world is worth pursuing over God and when you find your joy, hope and love in God you will never be thirsty again. Even though i cannot see God and i will never have hard evidence that is 100%, My testimony of how God has been working in my life is the most real thing i have ever experienced.

How God has been the best decision i have made in my whole life

Friends i cannot tell you how much light God brings into your life when you just realize  how loved you are by him. God wants you where you are at, he wants all your brokenness and sin because he desires to have a relationship with you so much. Jesus does not expect anything from you he just wants you to see him as your Father and he so desperately wants to guide you through life and be there with you through everything. That kind of love overwhelms me so much because i did nothing to deserve that. The reason why God wants you follow his commands f is because he loves you too much to leave you where you are at and knows that you were made for more. However, he doesn’t weigh our sins as greater than one we are all seen the same by God. No shame can ever touch you when Jesus is present and i am so thankful to have a God that loved me so much that he wants to help guide me into a life filled with so much joy and love that is never changing. My circumstances may not be the best at times but having a relationship with God has been the most fulfilling experience in my life. The cross stands for FREEDOM. Before i was dead in my sin and God has made me new and has breathed life into my lungs and nothing else in this world will ever satisfy my cravings like God can. All of you are children of God and are so loved, have so much worth, pure, adopted and that is the absolute truth of who you are. Everything God says in the bible is truth so if he is saying all of that about you, that is the definition you should see yourself as. Everything God says in the bible is perfect and there is no better life to live than to live a life making God smile and to bring glory to his name. If my purpose in this life is to be a servant to God i would say with a whole heart that there is nothing better i can be called to do.

Before i was a christian, everything that i was pursing for happiness was always failing me. It might of lasted for a while but at the end of the day i was always searching for more. Gods love is enough, his mercy and forgiveness is so beautiful and so freely given. There is nothing else i would want to do in my life than serve my Loving God.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or even want to chat i would love talking to you guys:) have  lovely day!